Six different small methods of human health


Six different small methods of human health

First, the top health care SAR Chinese medicine health experts pointed out that the spine in the middle of the back is the body of the human body. The solar bladder meridians on both sides of the spine are in close contact with the internal organs, which often leads to the excitation and dredge, which is beneficial to the breath movement.Blood circulation, nourish the body organs.

Modern medicine has found that there are a large number of immune cells under the skin of the human body. If you have a cold or heatstroke, “back rubbing” and “scrapping” are good ways to activate the secretion of immune cells.

銆€銆€Second, the chest health care SAR found that the thymus of the chest is one of the important organs that dominate the entire immune system of the human body. The immunologically active peptide substance secreted by the thymus can monitor the mutant cells in the body and relentlesslyEliminated, so it has a strong anti-cancer effect.

At the same time, it has anti-infective function and disease resistance, which also has a certain effect on delaying aging.

As long as you stick to the palm of your hand under the palm of your hand every day (on the self-proclaimed down to the heart) 100?
200 times, it can stimulate the thymus, thus preventing disease and fitness, and delaying the disease.

銆€銆€Third, the latest medical research in the health zone of the spine shows that the old man is the first to be old.

The spine is the place where the two meridians of the human body travel straight through the veins. The spine is often massaged to promote the dredge of the meridians and nourish the whole body and exercise.

A Japanese magazine reported that exercising the spine can have more than 100 diseases.

The spine is the central axis of the human body. If it can often do taiji rotation, it will produce strong bio-electric energy, transport it to the organs and the whole body, replenish energy, and make people have strong immunity against virus invasion, even for cerebrovascular accidents.There are also complications of Alzheimer’s disease, stroke, neurosis, and diabetes.

銆€銆€Fourth, the navel’s health care zone navel is also known as the gas house, which is a substitute for infuriating storage, and is considered a health care 鈥渇ortress鈥?by health experts.

The navel is a god’s acupoint, with Peiyuan Guben, soothe the nerves, reconcile the qi and blood, Shugan Lidan, Yifei Gushen, Tongli Sanjiao, and regulate the function of the meridians.

Traditional Chinese medicine commonly used drugs or acupuncture, hot iron navel treatment, such as the use of pearl powder, Danshen powder to apply this point, can cure insomnia; with Amomum, sputum application, can cure indigestion; with sandalwood, AsarumPowdered wine can relieve angina.

Regular massage of the navel, there is still the role of prevention and treatment of stroke, can cure illness, longevity.

銆€銆€Fifth, the armpits of the health care zone in the armpits are the most abundant areas of blood vessels, lymph and nerves.

The secret of its fitness is that after being stimulated, people laugh, which is called 鈥渁rmpit movement鈥?by experts.

Stimulate the nerves, blood vessels and lymph nodes here, so that all organs can be exercised, promote blood circulation, and make the organs fully exchange nutrients and oxygen, which will benefit the brain, heart and lungs.

銆€銆€Sixth, the health care zone of the foot has a lot of acupuncture points on the soles of the feet, about 70, and six meridians start at the feet.

Scientists also believe that there are thousands of nerves in the soles of human beings, which are closely related to the brain and heart, and are related to various organs of the human body. Therefore, it is important to see the foot of the “second heart”.

Frequently bending the toe claws, walking often, stepping on pebbles, hot feet, etc., all promote blood flow to the feet, push the blood straight to the heart and body, regulate the balance of yin and yang, prevent disease, and exercise for life.

In addition to regular exercise, keep the blood in the feet smooth, the joints are flexible, but also pay attention to the winter, do not freeze, do not squat in the summer, the feet have “eyes”, “foot pads”, etc., can not be underestimated, should be removed in time.