Green You 2 Yu Yan: I like to put pressure on myself, I don’t deliberately converge

“Green You 2” Yu Yan: I like to put pressure on myself, I don’t deliberately converge
Among the more than 100 girls in “Youth Has You 2”, Yu Yan is like a burning flame, dazzling and aggressive.She exudes charm, ambition, sharpness, perseverance, and determination. It is hard not to attract her attention on stage.Many people say that Yu Yan is a dark horse in “You 2”.From the debut of the stage in less than five minutes, to “Inflammable and Explosive”, the theme song stage has repeatedly won the “A”, and now her ranking has risen from fifteenth to third place.But the popularity is always wrapped up with criticism, Yu Yan frankly, after participating in the program caused external scruples, but did not deliberately converge, “Unless it is correct, professional evaluation, I will learn.”It’s a kind of” good “caring.”The following is a rhetoric of rhetoric-” If you have time to be confused, it’s better to move quickly. “I have not easily been on the stage, but I still can’t forget the feeling on the stage.Only standing on the stage seems to be the real self, which is why I came to “You 2”.Recalling the first time I stood on the stage, I still don’t know what the “stage” is like, and I’m not fully prepared.And this time I stood on the stage again, I felt that I had prepared for a long time, the state was better than the original, but the difference was the inner feeling, I was more expecting than the original, and I missed the stage more.When I announced the ranking for the first time, it was the fifteenth place. I didn’t think it was low.Because I have n’t appeared in everyone ‘s vision for about four years, and there are many people who support me (I rarely call fans fans, because I feel that fans can only be regarded as a unified name, but I rarely call it this way)Paying attention to me, everyone still remembers a person like Yu Yan, I feel very good.I did n’t come here for ranking, I valued the stage more.If you do not appear in the show later, these works are left by you, and the ranking is only temporary.So from my debut to the present, I will be unhappy, but not confused.Because I have always been sober, I know what I want, and I know what the goal is.Just do it.If you have time to be confused, you might as well act quickly.”I’m not cold, independence is born” straight steel daughter, straight male, contrast cute, high cold, cool?In these few words, I don’t seem to feel the iron daughter, Gao Leng is not in line with me.Maybe I’m cold in everyone’s impression.My independence is born. My parents raised me as a boy since I was a child. Any requirements will satisfy me, but I will not be too spoiled, not like petting a little girl.Almost all things let me do it by myself and cultivate my independence.I never felt that I was in the acting world.After participating in the variety show for the first time, I was still swaying on the street. I didn’t know to wear sunglasses. I wanted to go out and eat, and I didn’t think I was a big star.There were really no worries at the time, and it might be the same in the future. I will have basic cultivation as an artist, but I will not hide myself.But now, there may be a little scruples.As he grows older, his personality becomes more stable.But I did not deliberately converge.I do n’t know what the outside world says about me. What people say about me does n’t matter.Unless it is correct, professional evaluation, I will learn.This is a kind of “good” care.Sauna Night Net: How do you resolve your emotions when faced with doubts from the outside world?Yu Yan: The pressure has turned into motivation, what else to resolve?If I have to be stressed and need to resolve it, that is, eating something I didn’t usually eat, like cakes and ice cream, I will be very happy.Sauna Nightnet: Have you set your own goals for yourself?Yu Yan: Take the first place, and there are more special stages.Because I like to put pressure on myself, I have to set a very high goal and force myself to move towards it. Whether it is achieved or not, it is a motivation.Sauna Night Net: If the group is formed in the end, what kind of role do you want to be in the team?Yu Yan: I can do anything, even if no one is doing it, I will do the dirty work.Sauna Night Net: Which artist in the performing arts circle is your goal and role model?Yu Yan: I only look at business capabilities, Beyonce (laughs), maybe a little far away, but my goal of hard work.Sauna Night Net: What do you want to say most to the people who have supported you for years?Yu Yan: I hope they don’t take me too seriously, and hope that they put themselves first.Don’t influence them because of my things.Because I am an artist, in addition to singing and dancing, I still hope to bring positive energy and happiness to everyone.If they are unhappy or psychologically burdened because of my affairs, they lose their original meaning.So I still hope they only see the happy side.I am a person who doesn’t care. I hope they will ignore the strange sounds just like me.It doesn’t matter, those who don’t speak well, just let them talk to themselves and ignore them.It is the most important thing for everyone to be happy.Sauna, Ye Wang Zhang He editor Wu Dongni proofread Zhao Lin

Interview 丨 Li Pengcheng, the first person of China Triathlon, looks forward to breaking 9 in Kona next year

Interview 丨 Li Pengcheng, the first person of China Triathlon, looks forward to breaking 9 in Kona next year
Due to the impact of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, in addition to marathons, cross-country races and other outdoor events have suffered severe impacts, in recent years, the increasingly hot triathlon events also face the plight of global shutdown.Take Li Pengcheng, the first person in the Chinese triathlon as the representative. Many Chinese iron men have not participated in the competition in recent months. They can only develop training and competition plans with a longer-term perspective.A few days ago, IRONMAN’s official website officially confirmed that the Triathlon Championship originally scheduled for October 10 in Kona, Hawaii will be changed to February 6, 2021.Although such an outcome is expected by most Iron Man, it is inevitable to be lost.In an interview with Sauna and Yewang, Kona World Championships on the podium last year, Li Pengcheng, who repeatedly refreshed the best results of mainland Chinese players, said that he and his coach must adjust the training plan formulated in advance, and the new game date will also beBecome a variable.However, talking about the restart of the triathlon and the prospects of the World Championships, Li Pengcheng is full of confidence. He believes that more Chinese players will be on the stage of the Kona World Championships, and he will strive to stand on the podium again and become the first.A Chinese iron man with a big iron going 9 hours.Li Pengcheng is currently recognized as the first triathlon in China.High-level officials provided a picture for the global shutdown of the Kona World Championship. The domestic opener lost about 10 months a year. The world’s top iron people gathered in Kona, Hawaii to challenge swimming3.8 kilometers, bicycle 180 kilometers and running 42.The 195km “Big Rail” World Championship-an annual triathlon event.As of October 2019, this temple-level event has been held for 41 sessions.The sudden new Coronary Pneumonia epidemic has been shut down worldwide, and the Kona World Championships have not been spared. They are rarely replaced by antiques the following year.Despite the psychological preparations, Li Pengcheng was somewhat lost when he received the email from the organizing committee. “There is a little bit of unacceptability in my heart.The IRONMAN event for the 2020 season was originally planned to start in mid-March, but in the past two months or so, almost all events have been forced to be changed or cancelled, and events for a long time in the future have also been changed.IRONMAN’s official website shows that it involves more than 97 events affected.For the Chinese Iron Man, after a long winter training, everyone is very eager for the game, and is used to opening a game at the IRONMAN Liuzhou station in April every year. Li Pengcheng is no exception. “Almost the first game every year is inLiuzhou.”This year’s Liuzhou station was originally scheduled to start on April 12th. Due to the impact of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, the competition has been forced to be postponed to September 20th.The sudden epidemic disrupted the preparation of the triathlon players.The top-notch plans to concentrate on preparing for war can’t keep up with changes. Focused training is the key to the first two weeks of May. Li Pengcheng will train about 20 hours a week, 10 hours of bicycles, 5 to 6 hours of swimming, and 4 to 5 hours of runningAnother 2 hours of strength training.After the winter training program basically ended before and after the “May Day”, this is the adjustment and recovery period that the coach gave him.During this year’s winter training, Li Pengcheng mainly trained in Liangshan, Sichuan. Although he was unable to swim for more than two months at a time, this year’s special situation also has a positive side.He really likes the training state of this year’s winter training, and his mental and physical conditions are good.At normal rhythm, Li Pengcheng usually trains for 30 to 32 hours per week, which is more than 5% to 10% of the coach’s plan. The coach sometimes has to force him to rest.Because they are amateur players, during the winter training in previous years, large and small parties are inevitable. Li Pengcheng is often called out by friends to eat, drink and drink.This year’s epidemic disrupted the daily lives of too many people. Instead, Li Pengcheng was able to train with peace of mind. “There is nothing else to interfere with. I really enjoyed the training of the previous period.”According to the coaching plan, Li Pengcheng was about to enter the next stage of preparations this week, hoping to build up for the Kona World Championships in October through four months of training and competition.Last season, in addition to participating in domestic competitions such as Liuzhou Station, Li Pengcheng went to South Korea, Japan and other places to compete.In order to consolidate his ranking in Asia and find the gap with more high-level players, he and his coach are preparing to participate in more competitions in Southeast Asia this year. In fact, he has already signed up two Philippines events and one Vietnam event.It’s a pity that the plan can’t keep up with the changes. Substations that have already been registered may be postponed or cancelled. The Kona World Championships have also been exchanged. “My coach and I were suddenly caught off guard and had to readjust the training plan. The goals and rhythm of the game also need to be changed.”Of course, considering that there are too many uncertainties in the future, Li Pengcheng still hopes to focus on training in the short term, and then consider the overall plan of the season at any time according to specific goals.Starting this week, he restored the weekly training intensity to about 30 hours.”There is always no harm in planning ahead.”He says.Li Pengcheng (first from left) stood on the podium at the Kona World Championships last year.The first-class people are waiting for the opportunity to restart the Chinese iron man. After the World Championships, a good year later in the Chinese iron man circle, everyone kindly called Li Pengcheng “Bath”.Recognized as the first person of China Triathlon and currently the best young player in China, Bath has always been committed to promoting the development of Triathlon in China, and even the epidemic brought many challenges. He is still confident in China Triathlon.IRONMAN70 in Liuzhou, Shanghai, Xiamen, Xi’an and other stations.3 The competition has been registered one after another, and the competition dates are concentrated from September to November this year.Not surprisingly, in mid-June, Changshu Shanghu will usher in the first domestic triathlon event this year, and the domestic triathlon event is expected to gradually pick up.”During the epidemic, the entire Triathlon suffered a lot of hits, but every time a game restarts, or even a small-scale event organized by a local club, everyone’s enthusiasm for participation will be very high.In Li Pengcheng’s view, because many Iron Triathlon events in the first half of the year were forced to be postponed, a rebound may occur in the second half of domestic competition.Represented by the IRONMAN event in Liuzhou Station, they usually provide a part of the places that go directly to the Kona World Championships according to age group.In the past years, many high-level foreign players came to participate. Except for a small number of groups, it is difficult for domestic players to get straight places.However, this year’s situation is different. At that time, foreign players may have a lot of inconvenience to participate in China. The difficulty for the Chinese Iron Man to get the World Championship will be greatly reduced.In 2015, when Li Pengcheng first went to Kona to participate in the World Championships, mainland Chinese players had to transfer.Going to Kona again in 2018, Li Pengcheng finished the game in 9 hours, 10 minutes and 36 seconds, refreshing the best results of mainland Chinese players in the IRONMAN competition.That year, the number of players in mainland China has reached 33.At the World Championships last year, there were 26 mainland Chinese contestants. Li Pengcheng won the fifth place in the men’s 25-29 age group with a total score of 9 hours, 01 minutes and 29 seconds and stood on the podium for the first time.”I believe that the number of Chinese players who can participate in the Kona World Championship will reach a new high.”Li Pengcheng hopes that more Chinese iron men will seize the opportunity to realize their dreams, stand on the stage of the Kona World Championships, and show their grace.Kona World Championships until February 6, next year, objective conditions such as weather will become unknown.However, Li Pengcheng, who will be the sixth consecutive contestant, hopes to go further. “In terms of ranking, I hope to improve from the fifth in the age group to the top three. My coach and I are very confident.In terms of performance, I hope to be the first Chinese iron man to break into 9 hours.If the goal is achieved, the record holder of the domestic big railway is still me.”February 6, 2021 is the 25th lunar month, only 5 days away from the Spring Festival.The Chinese iron man, including Li Pengcheng, looks forward to good results in the Kona race and a good year.The Chinese iron man team represented by Li Pengcheng has grown stronger and stronger.There are many triathlon competitions within the range of people. In addition to the competitions belonging to the International Triathlon League, the triathlon events of the two brands of IRONMAN and CHALLENGE are also well-known.The most popular among triathlon fans is the IRONMAN brand series, which is mainly divided into IRONMAN70.3 events and IRONMAN events.Triathlon Olympic standard distance (also known as standard iron): swimming 1.5km, bicycle 40km, running 10km IRONMAN70.3 events (also known as half-rail): swimming 1.9 km, bicycle 90 km, running 21.1km IRONMAN event (also known as big rail): swimming 3.8 km, bicycle 180 km, running 42.195km sauna, night net Xu Bangyin

Oscar third prize winner 1917 issued a new poster, confirming the mainland theater online

Oscar third prize winner “1917” issued a new poster, confirming the mainland theater online
Sauna Night News (Reporter Li Yan) On May 13th, the movie “1917” released the poster of the “Reunion Theater Still Together” poster, announcing that it will meet with mainland audiences soon.In the recent North American awards season, “1917” has become a hot film of the year. In one fell swoop, it won the Golden Globe Awards “Best Film in the Drama” and “Best Director”, and was shortlisted for the 10 Academy Awards.He was nominated for the honor of pounds, and won the three titles of best photography, best visual effect and best sound effect. The top-level audio-visual effects are honored with layers of honor, and he was praised as the most suitable for watching movies on the big screen of the year. “1917” tells the story of two fighters, in order to save 1600 comrades, retrograde communication, cross life and death, mission must reach.In addition to director Sam Mendes, photography Roger Dickins, editing Lee Smith, costume Jacqueline Duran, all held the “little gold man”.Musical Thomas Newman won the Grammy Award for Best Instrumental Arrangement 5 times.The world’s top class behind the scenes teamed up to create such a new era classic film. At the 92nd Academy Awards ceremony at the beginning of the year, it won the best photography, best visual effects and best sound effects in one fell swoopJackpot.The quality blessings of the three professional technical awards are bound to be enough to enjoy the excellent audio-visual feast brought by the film only when viewed on the big screen.>>> Oscar’s popular movie “1917” confirms the introduction of the mainland, and it is expected that the sauna and Ye Wang will be edited by Li Yan.

Women’s Olympic preliminary round is expected to be postponed to June, Wang Shuang has the possibility to participate

Women’s Olympic preliminary round is expected to be postponed to June, Wang Shuang has the possibility to participate
The adjustment range of the Asian Football Association in relation to Asian events, the China-Korea Women ‘s Olympics preliminary round is likely to be postponed to June, which is not necessarily a bad thing for the already exhausted Chinese women ‘s football.Wang Shuang still has the possibility of catching up with the Olympic preliminaries.Information map / Osports According to the latest news released by the AFC, the two rounds of the Chinese and Korean women’s football will be postponed to April, which is related to the Korean Football Association’s unwillingness to give up the tough attitude at home, but through the active efforts of the Chinese Football Association, the gameThe extension period is until June.Since arriving at the Brisbane arithmetic on January 29, the Chinese women’s football team has stayed in Australia for more than a month. If the extension is confirmed, the Chinese women’s football team will also try to end up to more than a month in the case of 3 months before the game.Australian training camp.From the overall point of view, postponing to June is not a bad thing for the Chinese women’s football who are exhausted.Overtaking the players, the coach can get more ample rest time, and the trend of the domestic epidemic situation has gradually improved. The Chinese women ‘s football team also hopes to regain the home advantage, while Wang Shuang, Yao Wei, Lv Yueyun, etc. who are still stranded in Wuhan are still therePossibility.Sauna, Night Net Editor Xu Xiaofan Zhang Yunfeng Proofreading Li Lijun

Will Fengchao take a step back after half a step?

Will Fengchao take a step back after half a step?
On the evening of May 15th, Shenzhen Fengchao Technology Co., Ltd. published the “Notes on User Service Adjustment” on its official WeChat public account, and made the following adjustments to user services: First, it assisted the courier to obtain the user’s consent to submitThe second is to adjust the free storage time of users, extending the free storage time of users from the original 12 hours to 18 hours, and charges 0 every 12 hours after the timeout.5 yuan, 3 yuan capped.The State Council stipulates that there are no charges for holidays and office buildings and Saturdays and Sundays (rest days); third, it has been found that users grant membership rights for one month.The above adjustment measures will be implemented nationwide on May 20.Judging from Fengchao’s latest response, despite being hit hard by consumers, some communities have begun to boycott and even pressure from related parties, but on the core issue of fees or not, Fengchao still has no choice to give up.However, a certain compromise was made.It can be said that Fengchao took a half step back, and once again continued to provide free services as everyone wishes.The reason is that Fengchao can no longer afford to continue, and at the same time, the expansion of the express cabinet market has overlapped partly, especially when other express cabinets have also been replaced by charges, Fengchao believes that it is logical to follow the “rules”.So, if Fengchao persists on the issue of charging, how should consumers respond?Judging from the current market feedback, although some communities have begun to purchase courier cabinets by themselves, it is estimated that it will be difficult to promote on a large scale.After all, someone in Washington pointed out that the cost of a smart express cabinet is currently about 1.80,000-60,000 yuan, taking the community where the author lives as an example, there are about six courier cabinets, which is at least several hundred thousand yuan upfront expenditure, plus daily maintenance costs, this cost is borne by the owner., Or property “pay”, I am afraid it is a problem.If consumers insist that the courier must deliver the goods to their door, they will face the conflict between express delivery time and their work time.Although some consumers may adopt workarounds, some authors have asked couriers to place fire hydrants before, but this actually has problems such as insecurity, and I am afraid that most consumers still need professional collection service points.Without Fengchao, whether there are enough substitutes in the market has become the last channel for consumers to resist Fengchao charges.Although the market’s Cainiao Inn and various convenience stores can provide file storage services, can the number be repeated to “recall” the supply gap brought by Fengchao?At the same time, there is also a key point. According to media reports, although Cainiao and convenience stores provide free services to users, they have to charge couriers like Fengchao, and the cost standard exceeds Fengchao. This makes many couriers prefer to put express deliveryEnter the Feng Nest.This can be polished, behind the Fengchao charging storm is actually a three-party game between consumers, Fengchao and couriers.If Fengchao eventually refuses to make concessions on the issue of charging, there may be several results: First, some consumers who are very sensitive to the charging policy may refuse to use Fengchao by setting in advance, or require the courier service not to be Monday to FridayWorkdays, even Sundays, when you are at home, provide other means to defend your rights.Of course, this has higher requirements for express goods categories (such as fresh or urgent items are not feasible), and it also increases the storage costs of express companies.Once the courier or courier company can not do it, consumers will have conflicts with it.If rights are safeguarded in every dispute, and the corresponding cost of consumers is too high, how many people can persist is a problem.Second, some qualified communities, the industry council and the property have negotiated, and eventually abandoned Fengchao, self-built express cabinets, or other express cabinet enterprises that currently provide free services, but the community must definitely reduce or exempt related management fees, etc., Accumulate the expenditure of express cabinet enterprises.Third, there are still some consumers who do not want to have similar conditions and do not want to pay high rights to protect rights for cents and Fengchao, so as to speed up the pick-up efficiency and can accept the overtime charge proposed by Fengchao.Judging from the current situation, unless Fengchao adjoins Ruiniao Station in a short period of time, it can follow up on a large scale to achieve the same national cell coverage as Fengchao, and more community services such as convenience stores provide express delivery in order to increase customer acquisition channels.Custody service, so as to achieve the “no Fengchao, can still pick up at any time” state that consumers expect, otherwise a considerable percentage of consumers may eventually choose to accept Fengchao’s pricing services.Of course, Fengchao may also face the risk of market (courier, user) loss caused by the expanded layout at any time, and its charging standards may be adjusted.After all, in a competitive market, whether a company actually charges a certain standard depends entirely on user feedback and changes in the competitive landscape.Bi Ge (financial commentator) editor Chen Liyue Cai Zhou proofreading He Yan

Elite Lawyer landed on Beijing Satellite TV, Lan Yingying’s legal term death

“Elite Lawyer” landed on Beijing Satellite TV, Lan Yingying’s legal term “death”
On December 16th, Jin Dong and Lan Yingying starred in the realism and the vintage drama “Elite Lawyer” antique broadcast conference, the drama will land on Beijing Satellite TV on December 20th.The play tells the story of law practitioners such as Luo Bing (Jin Dong) and Dai Xi (Lan Yingying) interpreting fairness and justice and defending their career ideals.Lan Yingying said that “Elite Lawyer” does indeed have a “legal popularization effect” for herself. “After filming this drama, I have initially shown some legal common sense, and I can defend my rights by my side.”The picture of” Elite Lawyer “comes from a straight suit on the Internet, elegant manners, in the public’s impression, the lawyers in the film and television dramas have always been a cool and calm, overbearing collection and pronoun.However, in “Elite Lawyer”, Robin, played by Jin Dong, has a humorous and warm side in addition to his rational, calm and wise mature elite characteristics.As the ace lawyer and senior partner of Quan Jing Law Firm, in the eyes of his boss, he is a top professional with excellent professional skills; in the eyes of his peers, he is a strong personality participant; in the eyes of his friends, he is also a self-confident and versatile player.However, it is such a person who is in the “top-matching state”, but has recruited an assistant who is diametrically opposed to himself, and has since started a journey of mutual growth of teachers and friends.The solitary “lone wolf” lawyer became a warm-hearted person.”The master leads the door, and the practice is personal.”In the play, Dai Xi, played by Lan Yingying, is the most distinctive one among the lawyers.Although she is an assistant to Luo Bin, she has a completely opposite personality to the calm and rational Robin, and even conflicts frequently because of differences in ideas.In Lan Yingying’s opinion, Dai Xi is a true portrayal of every ideal young man in the workplace-passionate and impetuous.”She is a rookie lawyer who is new to the workplace, and the only person in the play who insists on herself.There is not much difference between her work and life, how to treat people in life, and she still retains her innocence and straightforwardness in her work.”Helping the takeaways write lawyer letters, handle copyright trademarks for girlfriends, write complaints to coffee shop clerks, Dai Xi, who has excellent professional skills and a sense of justice, always practices his own ideals and defends the dignity of the law.However, Lan Yingying ridiculed that this “just girl” was not good enough: “Because Dai Xi is a person with outstanding memory in the play, he is very diligent and talented.Many legal provisions can be read by others, but I must be able to speak directly, so I have memorized many large sections of legal provisions in the early stage.”She recalled that in order to highlight the different sides of the character, Dai Xi had two or three scenes that included a large number of professional legal terms. She ranked” dead “for a week before she finally knew everything.” BasicIt is memorized once a day, once a day, probably for a week or so.”Sauna, Night Net Editor Liu Wei Tong Na proofreading Liu Baoqing

Which new generation SLR technology is strong?Tim wins the first Asian championship

Which new generation SLR technology is strong?Tim wins the first Asian championship
Tim raised the championship trophy.Sauna, Night Net Wu Jiangshe The 2019 China Open will end tonight. In a new generation of SLR (one-handed backhand) contest, Tim defeated Sisi Pass 2-1, winning the Asian championship for the first time.In addition to holding the “China Cup”, Tim also locked in advance an ATP year-end final admission ticket during the China Open.This year’s Chinese Open didn’t even have Djokovic, Nadal and other giants’ poles, but Tim, Sisippas and other post-90s players accompanied the excellent performance.In the words of China Open’s joint tournament director Ross, “They are all future Grand Slam or world first-class players.”Tim celebrates wonderfully.Sauna, Night Net Wu Jiangshe This season, Tim and Sisippas have played steadily, reaching four tournament finals each before coming to Beijing.In addition, they are also young SLR representatives in tennis.There are currently 3 anti-players in the men ‘s tennis TOP10. In addition to Federer, the other two are Tim, No. 5, and Sisippas, No. 7. This men ‘s singles match is regarded as two new generation SLR players tonightCompetition.The game ball between SLR players is always wide open, Tim and Sisipaz’s game is very exciting.”Our game style is similar and we all like to come to the net. This is a contest between SLR players.”Sisi Pass said before the game that if he wants to beat Tim, he must have a good serve and the bottom line must be very good,” a few points can determine the outcome of the game.”Sisi Pass is right, the masters are duel, and the victory is often in a few key points.After winning the first set 6-3, Sisipass took the lead in the second set, but sent a fatal double error when facing the break point in the serve. This was his only double error in the game, but changed the course of the game.After losing the second set 4-6, Sisipass’ self-confidence was greatly affected.As soon as the decisive set came up, Tim even broke the lead and quickly achieved a 5-0 advantage, and finally secured the victory 6-1.This is Tim’s 15th singles title in his career, but it is also the first champion from Asia.Tim took a photo with Sisi Pass.In the sauna, the night net Wu Jiang shot and lost the game, but Sisi Pass said that it was a great week. He did his best, but Tim was a tough opponent.As Sisipas said, Tim won seven games in a row after the first half of the game, and finally completed the reversal. “This may be the best game I played this year.”” Tim praised Sisypas, who was 5 years old, after the game, saying that the two will have many fights in their future careers.Tim in good mood showed Chinese on the spot, “Thank you for your support!”With this week’s outstanding performance in the Chinese Open, Tim became the fifth player to be shortlisted for the ATP year-end finals after Nadal, Djokovic, Federer and Medvedev.

Guoan will gather for the Super League next week and only one person will be left

Guoan will gather for the Super League next week and only one person will be left
Thirteen Guoan players were recruited, leaving Augusto as the main force.According to the Air Force’s preparation plan, the Beijing Zhonghe Guoan team will end the holiday next Monday and re-focus on the work body to prepare for the final 3 rounds of the Chinese Super League.However, once the list of the national team was released, 13 players of the Guoan first team were recruited, and Genesio was difficult to prepare for the whole.In the list of the Air Force National Team preparing for the top 40, Wang Gang, Li Lei, Chi Zhongguo, Li Ke, Zhang Xizhe and Wang Ziming of the Guoan Team were among them.In order to compete in the East Asian Cup, the Chinese Football Association recruited Zou Dehai, Yu Dabao and Yu Yang of the Guoan team in the list of national men’s football selection teams.Zhang Yuning will participate in the Olympic Games.In terms of foreign aid, Jin Minzai and Bakambu were also selected for their respective national teams.In addition, the youngster Liang Shaowen, who is currently training with the first team, was selected to the U18 National Youth Team.Compared with the previous two intermittent periods, the National Security Team had the most people transferred this intermittent period, with only Augusto left as the main player.There are only the last three rounds left in the league. The Guoan team is 2 points away from Guangzhou Evergrande. Although it is difficult to prepare for this time, the general manager of the Zhonghe Guoan Club Li Ming announced the confidence of the club and the team, saying that they wantWinning glory, winning the title for Beijing.”

64% of the talents accept no-risk job-hopping byte jumps, Tencent and Ali are favored

64% of the talents accept no-risk job-hopping byte jumps, Tencent and Ali are favored
Recently, the “Internet Talent Mobility Report 2020” was released. The report said that the overall Internet talent recruitment volume has been steadily increasing; the positions of engineers and product managers are the most popular; ByteDance and Alibaba, Tencent formed a new “BAT” talent pool, Recruit talent during the epidemic.Specifically, it is still difficult to find a job in 2020, and 64% of mergers accept “no salary increase.”The data shows that in 2017, BAT’s talent flow mainly occurred between three companies.In 2018, ByteDance joined in, attracting talents from Tencent and Baidu together with Alibaba.In 2019, ByteDance formed a new “BAT” talent pool with Tencent and Alibaba.Similar trends in talent movement also occur within TMD.With the rapid expansion of ByteDance, since 2018, ByteDance has unilaterally absorbed talents from Meituan’s comments and Didi Chuxing, a trend that will continue in 2019.Maimai also surveyed the average age of employees of Internet skull companies.The results show that the average age of talents in 19 companies is 29.6 years old.The average age of ByteDance and Pinduoduo’s talents is 27 years old, and it is a young company among many large Internet companies. Didi Chuxing’s employees have the highest average age of 33 years old.According to the big data of Maimai, the overall demand for talents in the Internet industry in 2019 is steadily increasing, and the low recruitment volume occurred during the Spring Festival in January 2020.Affected by the epidemic in February, various industries have been hit to varying degrees, and the demand for talent has continued to slump.However, the recruitment volume of the Internet industry has rebounded slightly.In late February, Meituan, ByteDance and other Internet companies successively announced the launch of spring recruitment.Meituan launched the “Spring Return Program”, recruiting 1,000 college graduates and opening 3,000 social recruitment positions.ByteDance announced that it has opened more than 6,000 positions for college students, including full-time and interns.Judging from the overall trend, the job search situation of talents is roughly consistent with the trend of recruiters.But in terms of specific data, the impact of the epidemic on job seekers is less than that of recruiters.In the second half of 2019, job seekers have been actively seeking jobs.In February after the Spring Festival, it became the first high point in the Internet industry job search this year.The epidemic affected job seekers’ attitudes towards work.According to the survey data of Maimai Data Institute, 41% of the working people believe that “the next year’s job search will be more difficult to find a good job than before”When asked “whether in the next year, will you accept a job change without salary increase”, 64% of mergers chose to accept it.Human resources expert Tang Qiuyong said, “For working people, think twice before thinking about economic prospects, industry changes, and enterprise development trends.No matter whether it is the stability of the “rice bowl” or the flexibility of work, the Internet companies have shown obvious advantages.In February 2020, among the 19 companies including Tencent, Alibaba, Baidu, and ByteDance, only 3 companies reduced the demand for recruitment, and the remaining 16 talents exceeded the demand.Among them, byte beating, Huawei, and fast-handed talent demand growth rate is significant.The Maimai report shows that the top 10 jobs with the highest demand in the Internet industry in 2019 will replace technology-related jobs.The top 10 positions with the highest degree of competition are mainly designer and operation positions.Specifically, front-end development engineers, product managers, and JAVA development engineers are the most demanded positions in the Internet industry in 2019.Of course, UI designers, visual designers, and project managers are the most competitive positions.In addition, the employment pressure of operating positions is high, and the talent mobility is high.Its job competition is second only to the most competitive designer jobs, and it has become the job with the highest turnover rate in the Internet industry.A preliminary analysis pointed out that when the Internet industry entered a mature period from the rapid development period, the industry’s requirements for talents also changed from “quantity” to “quality”.This also means that skills require progress, and integration at the threshold is more popular.Similar to the design post, the operating post is generally considered to be the best position for the door, which also forces the professionals in the military to perform related positions to eliminate the pressure.Sauna, Ye Wang Bai Jinlei editor Xu Chao proofreads Zhuo Zhuo

[Does white rice porridge make you fat?

】 _Fat_Obesity

[Does white rice porridge make you fat?
】 _Fat_Obesity

In the hot summer, the weather is hot and most people have no appetite. In this case, many people like to drink white rice porridge, but some people are worried that drinking white rice porridge will get fat. In fact, drinking white rice porridge will not make you fat, andThe nutrition in white rice porridge is very rich. Drinking porridge often has many benefits to the human body. In fact, drinking white rice porridge will not make you fat, and you may lose weight.

Does white rice porridge make you fat?

White rice porridge crystals are 30 kcal / 100 grams.

White rice porridge has a high coaxial amount, and the transition value is very low.

Because of its high water content and low starch and adult content, it also helps digestion and absorption, making it ideal for dinner during weight loss.

Occasionally I only drink white rice porridge all day, but also can clean the intestines and detoxify, shave fat, not only will not gain weight, but also lose weight.

How to drink white rice porridge to lose weight Drink white rice porridge to lose weight can help to regulate the stomach and intestines, three general weight loss methods are generally recommended: 1. Eat white rice porridge as dinner at night: Slow down metabolism at night, eat low-calorie, easily digestible foodsGain weight.
White rice porridge is easy to digest, has low conversion, and does not gain weight. It is one of the best dinner foods during weight loss.

Of course, try eating at night four hours before bedtime.

2. White rice porridge occasionally replaces staple food: Simply put, rice starch, noodles and other staple foods are replaced by white rice porridge. Due to the sufficient ingredients, when eating the same amount of porridge, its value is reduced, so it can be reduced.Total calorie intake is helpful for weight loss.

3, three-day white rice porridge weight loss method: Three-day white rice porridge weight loss method refers to drinking only white rice porridge and water for three consecutive days, eat unlimited amount of hungry, but can not eat other foods.

You can’t add sugar to the porridge, you can add an appropriate amount of salt to supplement sodium and potassium ions.

Do it every half month and cycle until you reach your ideal weight.

Tip: When eating white rice porridge to lose weight, it is not recommended to accompany too many dishes, especially those with more oil, so it must be a shortfall.

Long-term consumption of white rice porridge to lose weight is not reliable. If you want to lose weight, it is unrealistic to drink white rice porridge daily.

First of all, although white rice porridge is more nutritious than the porridge made from other rice, if it is eaten for a long time, it will not provide the nutrition required by the body. Over time, it will not be able to reduce fat, and it will be due to malnutrition.Suffering from some other diseases.

Generally, you can control your diet through white rice porridge to lose weight. You do n’t just drink white rice porridge. Some of the necessary nutrients still need to be eaten. However, you must control your diet. You can eat, but do n’t eat more if you have enough donor capacity.

Dieting and exercise together with white rice porridge to lose weight is better. Everyone wants to drink white porridge to lose weight. Pay attention to the control of consumption, not too much.

In addition, during the consumption of white porridge, exercise for another hour or so every night can consume excess transfer in the body, so that you can lose weight after you stick it. In addition, when you eat white porridge, you should appropriately adjust the amount of honey to bring weight loss.some.

White rice porridge weight loss recipe 3 days White porridge weight loss recipe can reduce 4-6 pounds This recipe requires white porridge as the main food for three days (try to cook thinner).

Perseverance may wish to give it a try.

Day1 breakfast: white porridge, a steamed bun lunch: white porridge, a white boiled egg dinner: white porridge, a plate of stir-fried Day2 breakfast: white porridge, a sesame bag lunch: white porridge, a white-boiled egg dinner: white porridge, a plate of fried Day3 breakfast:White Porridge, Five Pieces of Crepe Cake Lunch: White Porridge, One Raised Wheat Bun Dinner: White Porridge, One Plate Stir-fry Note: 1. Three meals a day, white porridge can be eaten free, other side dishes are prohibited.

2. If you are afraid that the white porridge is too cold, add a few slices of ginger to the pot.

3. In order to increase the taste, you can infiltrate 1/3 rice gruel.

4. Stomach qi and gastric acid reaction may occur. If the condition is serious, it should be stopped. Shorten the three days to two or one day of gastrointestinal cleansing.

5, should be reduced by 4 in three days?
6 pounds, if you want better results, substitute for more thorough purification, that is, do not eat at all, and only eat white porridge, but some people may not be able to get used to it, you may try it, start eating for more than one and a half days, and thenAfter half eating white porridge, you will find that after three days, you seem to be a new person. Even your skin is smooth and delicate, and acne and facial oil will be reduced.